Monday, August 18, 2008

Update On The Garden of Lanting

The last couple of days have been dry here.
I really did not water as I should have,everything looked good yesterday.
Today many of the plants looked a bit wilted,so I watered the unhappy plants.
Guilty me,I thought.Neglecting my efforts that I worked so hard on.

As I was watering,I thought about the care I put into this small garden
It is now my third year of gardening so I am still new at it.

Some plants have come back for 3 years ans seem to thrive,some never came back and some are dismal failures.
There are plants that are ground cover,they are ok but don't do much.
Large plants that are suppose to flower but never do,they have no redeeming value.
Some have such beautiful flowers I am amazed.Something I put in the ground,and it looks so good.

God has tended me for all my years.Every year He is there watering,weeding and He uses the utmost care in my life.
He has built a fence around me.If I step out on my own I am vulnerable to the bad things in life.
He has always been there,never forgetting me.
Our God does not know neglect.

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