Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things That Happened

As a kid,I had a train set in the basement.
I think it was Lionel,with other cars and engines I inherited from my brothers.
My dad bought this set for me and one of my special engines was a orange one.Dad called it a worker.
I remember it was a powerful engine and I had a lot of fun with it.
Hours were spent in that basement,playing with the trains.

I once dicovered a walkie talkie set in the base ment that my dad had planned to surprise me with.
It was mentioned by me that I had found this,my brother Bud covered for dad by saying it was a gift for my dad's partner's kid.
I never got the walkie talkie set.

There was a milk man's door on our back porch.As a small kid I could wiggle through.
I did this to the amazement of my mom.Maybe I could get my head through now.

My grandfather John lived with us.He would always burn garbage even though we had regular garbage pick up.
Once when burning garbage he put in an aerosol can.Of course it exploded in the heat and hit him just above the eye. Mom was very mad.

Once I cut school for the day, I think I was 15.Mom came home.I panicked and hid in the attic.
I heard her coming up the steps,more panic...
As I was hiding,I heard the attic door open,I hid in the corner.
She never saw me.I guess that's what you call hiding in plain sight.

more to come

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