Monday, August 4, 2008

Banana Peppers

I planted a banana pepper plant about 8 weeks ago.
The plant has done well.That means it did not die.
I have waited to see how many peppers I will have.I thought I could have such a surplus I would give many to my family.They would then think highly of me.I would be praised by them.They would love me as no father has ever been loved before.
When I am long gone,say about 40 years from now they will remember my kindness.
They would remember me with a great fondness.
I planned on bringing a basket to my dear brother Bud's house.His family would then love him too.
Well, so far I have 2 healthy looking peppers.
My plans are not going to work.
There probably is a moral in this story.
Heck if I know what it is.

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