Sunday, August 24, 2008


History makes us who we are.
If my great grandparents/ancestors were Roman Catholic would I be Catholic today?
They were not,so here I am with protestant beliefs.There are my children and grandchildren with their protestant beliefs.
This is history that could not have been changed.

Everything in our lives would have been different.

Somewhere,somehow some long lost relative,probably in France took a stand.
He or she could no longer believe in Catholics and their tradition.

The family fled France and went to Holland.
So for many years we called ourselves Reformed, Christian Reformed or Dutch Reformed.
The family has few ties now with the traditional Reformed churches.
Changes are now happening,the families churches are now varied.
We are all what the world would call just Christians.
In my eyes this is not a bad thing though it may be sad for my ancestors who believed their way was the only way.I am sorry my old grandparents,but this is a better way.
Your faith had sustained you for so many years,but now we seek a freedom in Christ that you never knew.I certainly mean no disrespect for without you and your faith we would be lost.
Time will come when you greet me, and we will rejoice and be very glad for that one lone ancestor in the south of France who was seeking freedom.

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