Sunday, August 24, 2008

Soon and Very Soon

Many of you know I make service calls for a living.
When I was younger I would go anywhere to make a service call,I had 4 little mouths to feed and money was tight.
A call came in, I was wanted in the ghetto,somewhere about 35th street in Chicago.
The neighborhood was bad,getting there was bad and I was worried.This was in the 1970's.I was about 25.
How the people got money to pay for the call I never knew,but I went.
I parked in the lot of the high rise,I was a nervous.
A black guy in a phone service truck pulled in,I decided I would follow him.
We got on the same elevator.He got off on the third floor.
The people lived somewhere about the 25th floor.
The ride continued to the floor I wanted,the elevator stopping every few floors to let more people on.
It seemed like it was the most crowded elevator in the history of the world.

I got off on my floor,looked for the apartment I needed to go to.There were no numbers on the doors.The place smelled bad.Music was blaring.
Young guys followed me,watched and made me more nervous.
I was carrying my large tool box,it weighed about 20 pounds and seemed to get heavier with every step.
After much searching I found the apartment.I talked to the lady who lived there as she casually smashed a cockroach with her thumb.Right on the wall.
The service call was over,I left knowing I had a long ride down.
At least 5 guys were following me now,into the elevator,they pressed the numbers on the wall for every floor.
I was sweating,thinking this is not worth it.
Comments were made,"What was he doing here? What's in the box you are carrying?"
I ignored them,I just tried to be cool.
At the fifteenth floor the ride down became really bad,I was more nervous,sweating,and hated this place.
A young girl got on,the guys got quiet,She was exceptionally pretty.
The doors closed. we continued down.
She started softly singing..Soon and Very Soon We Are Going to See The King.She sang quietly but all were listening,She looked me right in the eyes,smiled at me and then I knew.I was God's and He was with me.
Many years later I think of this.Some told me maybe she was singing about my demise,Soon and Very Soon..
So, who was this girl? An angel? I think so.
I got out of the building,got on with my life.
But I still remember.

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