Monday, August 11, 2008

Banana Peppers Part 2 and Other Things

I still have 2 banana peppers on my plant.
This will never work,I wanted my family to love me with my gifts of baskets of peppers. Disappointment is a hard cross to bare.I am sorry.

Watching some of the Olympics this week.One can not help but wonder about China and where the country is going.I think they can be evil,oppressive and anti-Christ.
There is always hope,I pray for the few Christians there.
Pray for an awakening,a coming of real knowledge of God and the plan of salvation.

My doctor has doubled my pain meds.There is not much difference yet.I am disappointed.
Remember me in your prayers friends,I find this disease wearisome.
It is taking energy which I can't afford to lose.
I am trying to remain active,going to ball games,going to my sons house,fishing,babysitting,and many other activities to keep me busy.
I think sometimes I am running on E.
Please pray.

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