Monday, August 18, 2008

You Husbands and Your Wives

How many meals has she prepared for you and the family.

How many times,when you knew she was tired you didn't offer to get fast food?

When did you last thank her for doing your laundry.I promise you,laundry is not a lot of fun.

Do you remember when you wanted her for your wife? What were you thinking then? What are you thinking now?

Is the little flirting with the girl from the office ok with your wife?
How about the girl online who you don't know and have never seen? Does your wife think this is innocent fun?

She is the mother of your children.
The guardian of those you love most.
Do not take it lightly.
I know some men who will get up with a sick kid in the middle of the night.
Do you?

When she is sick,do you step in? Do your part? Anything? Anyone?

Have you put up with her career as secondary?
Do you support her hobbies,or just think they are silly and humor her?

Will she be your life-mate? Will she be with you in 25 years?
Do you understand God's thinking in your relationship with your wife?

Men,I have been married 38 years now, so I know a bit about marriage.
Please don't read this post as judgemental.
I sometimes need to remember what a jewel I have.
Let's thank God he gave our wives great patience.

I have not quoted scripture here and maybe I should have,but there are biblical principles here.

Women, go ahead print this out.Leave it on his pillow,put it in his briefcase or make a paper air-plane of it and aim it at his head.

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