Thursday, July 31, 2008

Robert, Slowly

Robert always took his time.
His bowling partners wanted to shoot him as he took a full minute take take his turn.
When he was pitching for the church softball team he took almost 2 minutes to throw the ball.
His tennis partners would be psyched out because he took so long to serve.
When he read a book he could not go further until he had understood everything on the page perfectly.
He had few friends,few had enough patience to deal with such a slow person.
His employer was always on the verge of firing him but Robert was doing his job and doing it correctly like few of his fellow employers have done.
Robert developed the habit of slowness over the years.His wife found his slowness interminable,he would take an hour to eat,he would take an hour in the shower.Breakfast, he would rise at 5 every morning because he knew it would take him two full hours to get ready. She had no love for this man,his kids avoided him altogether.If he started a conversation with them they knew they were trapped for an hour.
Robert knew he had this problem of slowness but after long thoughts he decided he could not change.
He tried praying about it but he felt God was getting bored.Who prays for 2 hours about their life's problems?
When Robert found out he was dying he knew had had much longer than the doctors gave him to live.What do doctors know? He could stretch out six months to two years,maybe three.He lived another six.
When Robert did die,his wife had him buried the next day.
After 40 years of his slowness she was happy he was gone and could get on with her life.
Arriving in heaven,St.Peter asked Robert why he was so late? Robert replied he wanted to be sure of eternal life before he walked through the pearly gates.
After being in heaven for almost 2,000 years he thought..I have so much time now,I can worship God until the eternal clock ran down.
When Robert's wife arrived a few years after Robert,he took about 200 years to greet her.
God didn't mind any of Roberts slowness.He was pleased and smiled.

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