Sunday, October 19, 2008

39 Years and We Still Hold Hands

October 18,1969 was the day Linda and I got married.

It was a day exactly like today,cool,sunny and very pleasant.

I could write about all the years,all the ups and downs but I thought would just tell you about today.

Today we woke up late,there was no real reason to rush off.

We had our late breakfast,went to the post office,I took coffee with me.She forgot hers so we stopped at an oasis to get her some.

We then made 3 very nice profitable service calls.All 3 were old customers who were glad to see us and we were glad to see them.

When we finished with our work we went to our favorite Italian place for a late lunch,The Island Cafe in Blue Island,Illinois.

Since Linda was driving we took a nice way home,past the ghetto territory and then through the woods.

On 135th street is a forest preserve where we spent a lot of time with our friends before we were married.She proceeded to pull into the woods where she parked the car.

We talked for a bit,then she kissed me and we held hands.

The days end found us talking to the our kids on the phone and on the computer.

We finished the night by watching a movie which we liked a lot.

So we now start another year.

I am blessed beyond all measure.


Rob said...

Awww, man. This post made me cry Seriously. I love you two so much!

LLanting said...

Awwww - isn't he great? - Thanks hon!

Anonymous said...

I'm catch up on your blog. I'm glad you still hold hands after 39 years. Abbey