Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last Words

Had a brief talk with my daughter Michelle about last words.
It got me thinking,what will be my last words?
I hope I am not in some drug induced stupor that makes me say crazy things.
Something like,Michelle paint your car blue and take out your furniture.
My mom talked to a lady about Jesus,this was one of the last times mom was in the hospital.
The lady was in the bed next to mom.She was held captive by my mom,I think this was a good thing and I believe this lady needed to hear the story of Jesus's love.
She did not let up or mention it in a casual way.I remember mom being almost forceful with this lady. One of her last words.

Robert E.Lee said 'Strike the Tent".His past came back to him at his deathbed.

I hope I am lucid.I hope I say something profound! Something that will go down in history as so wise,so amazing,Pastors will preach about it.Books will be written about the Wisdom of Mike.
Presidents will quote me, my brother Bud will become famous because he is related to me.
My kids will memorize me, a large tombstone with my quote written on it will be erected in Washington!
Well.Reality being what it is,I just hope to go peacefully.
I think I would like to say as my last words,Jesus here I come.

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Brother Bud said...

Very nice Mike. I often wonder what my last words will be. Words from a song I have heard recently really have stayed with me. "I'll wish I had given Him more." Hopefully it will be some words of advice and love to my son's.
But to be serious Mike I hope some of your last words will be something like this to Linda. Make sure Bud gets that $5.00 I took when I sold his TV.