Monday, October 20, 2008


Yes I will vote in the upcoming election.
I have my opinions and you probably have yours.
So, saying that, what will change with a new leader? Who knows?
I think that we little people will have more taxes no matter who gets elected.
I am sure we will be more regulated.
I am sure Homeland Security will become more powerful.
The Supreme Court will make asinine decisions.
Our government will make moves toward socialism.
Some people will become so politically correct some of us will puke.
We will be disgusted by war efforts or lack o war efforts.

Our country suffers from so many ill's,so many bad things.
I think that whoever will become president will be high on our nations approval,then begin to decline and then we will all dislike him immensely.

Ok, enough negative writing.
I can only say that we still have the best country in the world,and we are really blessed by God.
Let us keep it that way.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, well I am voting for Ross Perot.