Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No Ugly Words

We went to a granddaughters birthday party on Sunday,my Maddie turned 10 years old.
It was a typical birthday party. Loud,laughing,babies falling over stuff,opening presents,kids showing off,me enjoying every minute.
Carrying the babies,walking around the house,being part of every conversation,watching the older kids playing games.
Sitting with the old people,listening to 10 conversations,participating in some.Lost in their talk,I go back to the kids.
I noticed something going on here.
There were no ugly words spoken,no cuss words,no -I hate yous',no-That's Mine!.
I go into the kitchen,I hear Joel talking about his school,the kids always are saying OH MY GOD!.
He refuses to use those words.
It's now common,it is used everywhere,even Christian people.
When people say it,they don't realize what they are saying,OH MY GOD is not to be used lightly.
I hear it used by kids,adults,my customers,even on line I see the abbreviation...OMG.
Looking back at the party,there was no ugly words,none.
I am proud of my kids and how they are raising theirs.

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