Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things to Do When You Run Out of Words to Say

You know of course 'I love you' is fine,it is easy to say.It has real meaning if you look her in the eyes.
Sometimes there is more you want to say that expresses the I Love You's in a different way.

Telling her 'This is the Best Grilled Sandwich Ever In The History The World' is nice but is that what you really wanted her to hear?
Try this,take a minute,ask her to sit down.
Say this: You have prepared 10,000 meals for me.You have expressed your love and care for me in every single one. You are the best.
To say I love you in different ways,try this: Pick up the vacuum cleaner, the rug,move the furniture an vacuum under.Take the extension hose thing and go round the corners of the ceiling.
That will take 30 minutes or less out of your life.She will appreciate it and gaze at you with wonder.
Learn to turn on the dishwasher when it is full. Learn how to empty it when it is done.
I have recently learned this life lesson.
Straighten out the room were she works so hard.The laundry room should not be a dreary place.
I am starting to remodel our laundry room completely,new floor,new walls,painting the ceiling and making the room nice.
That's another life lesson I am learning.
Now here is a simple thing: Take out the trash.This going through the house, emptying all the little trash cans you can find.Pick plastic bags in the cans.
That will also take less than 30 minutes. Maybe 15.
If you work out of your car like I do, pick up the trash.This makes her happy to ride in a clean car. This will actually make both of you happier.By now you are seeing insights into my life.

Take her out to a real nice restaurant once in a while.Try a Tuesday night.Places are not to crowded and it sure helps break up the week.

These are things I have learned after being married for a long time.Yes,I am a slow learner but I think I am getting better.She thinks so to.
Read the same book that she has liked.This will help you relate in a new way.

If you can do this well,pay all the bills.This will ot take long and you can tell her all the bills are paid.This can be a relief to her.If you don't do the job well, ask her for her help.

Encourage her in her hobbies.Encourage her to have a life outside of the home life.

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horhay poondang said...

thats not hard to do but you shouldnt do it too often or she will expect you to all the time an will probably be disappointed an unhappy with you the one time somethings not done