Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tips and Things Parents Need to Think About

Let your kids be kids,don't be overly strict.
If you see them forming incorrect ideas,take them aside and talk.Do not fret so much.
Hugs are meaningful.
Communication is 2 ways,listen to your kids.
Let them have their own music,I know I was far from my parents music.
Find a church where the youth pastor is real.
The youth pastor may be more important in shaping kids ideas then yours.Be careful and watchful of course.
Let them have friends,some will annoy you to no end.Friends need to be welcomed,watched for their lifestyle decisions and let them be.
Trust your kids.
Talk about the Bible.

Be patient when they are little,don't be annoyed at little things.In the 18 years you have them little things do not matter.
Smile at your kids,sometimes smiles are better than comments.
Support your spouse in all things first.Do not be divided in opinions.Talk about your kids often.
I never read a book about How To Raise Your Children.
Christianity and instinct are your best guides.
Let your kids know your friends.This is important.Let them know you have chosen your friends with care.
The most important is having Jesus in your life at all times.Do not abandon faith when times are hard.Your kids will see this.They may not comment about it,but believe me they see it.

These are some things that I learned.All my kids are married and have kids of their own.11 so far!

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