Thursday, November 27, 2008

Neuropathy Cure Search

About once a week I search for cures for Neuropathy cures.

This search has been extensive.

The latest pain reliever I have found is an ointment called Neuragen PN.
I have tried it twice and the results for me are not in,yet.
Do a search on You Tube for this product.One guy showed the product being applied.
He said his pain was gone in 3 minutes after suffering for 3 years.
It is not cheap of course.I paid $30.00 for 0.17 fluid ounces.(5ml).It does have a strong oder which I don't like.But the smell does seem to go away with time.
Take a look,this may be helpful for you.
Frankly there is nothing new to report on cures.Its not high on the list of celebrities causes.

Neuropathy can't be seen.Those who have it look like normal people.
But those of us who have it may be on the verge of being desperate.(I am not desperate,just anxious.)
Let us keep looking and please let me know if you find anything new.

email Thanks,Mike

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