Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted

In Australia,voting is mandatory.I don't know what the penalty is for not voting,but mandatory voting?
I think this is a good idea but would not work in America.

I have customers who left Cuba in 1959.Their votes could only be counted one way.There are no parties to choose from.
Leaving Cuba is and was no easy task.When my customers were leaving,they had to account for everything in the house.
Including their kids toys,toilet paper,light bulbs.
You see everything in Cuba belongs to the state.Every single thing.You have no property.

China says women were allowed to vote in 1949.
If you are communist this is fine.
If you are not communist,you will suffer.

Kuwait gave women the right to vote in 2005,United Arab Emirates in 2006.

South Africa gave blacks the right to vote in 1994.

Voting is a duty as as American,is is however not mandatory.
I see people who have stated (online) "My vote won't count anyway"This is incorrect thinking.
Think about the vets who gave their life for our freedom.
You have the right not to vote,but you are an idiot.

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