Friday, October 17, 2008


Tom came into my life when I had four little ones.
I was young,maybe 32,he was much younger,maybe 24.
Somehow we met, we probably became friends because we had some of the same interests.
I think was radios.
I never knew his last name.
He was tough, acted that way and dressed the part.Long stringy hair,black boots,blue jeans and a black motorcycle jacket.
Here I was with 4 kids,trying my best to keep them from bad influence but I knew this Tom was different
He liked me,admired my wife and thought highly of my kids.
Many times he stopped by my house and I was glad he did.I didn't know where he lived or how he supported himself.
He once said he had just found a job,somewhere.
When he stopped by we talked sometimes about my relationship with God and how much it had changed me.I told him I was once like him but had found something good.
I invited Tom to church and to our surprise he showed up,dressed as usual.
I introduced Tom to some people who were for the most part happy to see him.One lady was so nice,she looked him in the eyes and not at his clothes.She said,'Tom,it is such a pleasure to have you here."
I was so impressed with the people of my church who welcomed him.Tom came back to church many times.We had many more discussions about life in my little house.
Tom found God.
God had him in his plans since before time.
I explained this to Tom and he became more attached to God as time went on.
Sadly we lost contact with him,I never knew what became of Tom.
I can only hope he is doing well.Somewhere.
I think my relationship with Tom was a good one,I know now I should have pursued it further.
But I am human,and humans are not perfect.
And now I wonder where he is and hope he will stop by again.
I miss you Tom.

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