Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things I Think About

I wonder at nature.The Canadian Rockies just stunned me.The mountains there are overwhelming.They literally brought tears to our eyes.

Ham radio people are good people.I never had any bad dealings with any.But I am sure there are some nuts.

How can God say He remembers our sins no more?

Squrrells are the bane of my gardens existence.I may start to keep one of my swords outside.

Speaking of outside,Linda and I have now found 3 baby possums in our yard.2 were deceased,one was brought into our back room by Norma Jean(one of our dogs).It was still alive and was sqealing horribly.Lin pretended she was in the shower,so I had to throw the thing out by myself.They are certainly awful things.

I have done well selling grandfather clocks on Ebay recently.The wonder of it is that there is a good market for them.

Mothers Day is around the corner.I think about my mom,she has been gone a while now,but just beginning her time in heaven.

If there is no time in heaven,what am I gonna do for a living.

Good dogs go to heaven,don't you think.Above is Molly,I had her since she was 6 weeks old.I miss that old dog,big time.

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