Saturday, May 31, 2008

Times We Live In

Times are hard for many people.
They can not pay their gas bill,the electric bill,the mortgage and many other bills that are necessary just to live.
Many of the customers I have live in mansions,really,mansions that just amazing.
I see the bills for the grandfather clocks they buy and I see how many are financed.Sadly these people finance a luxury item.They really need counseling.
If you buy a large SUV,have the common sense to realize that filling it up will cost over a hundred bucks.
My small pick up truck costs me $70.00 to fill it up last week.Sheeesh!
The moral here is simple.Do not live above your means,period.
Life is easier when you don't owe money.
The bible says owe no man anything.It is freedom from worry.
I have made mistakes in my life,but I think I have learned a bit.
So, what is the secret of happiness? A new car? A luxury item you can live without?
A bigger house?
No, the secret to happiness is Jesus,family and friends.Pretty simple but trust me.

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_nice_ said...

Absolutely right mike! I agree with you...My mother has lots of debts because me and my brothers always asks money from her....And later i realized that its not good to always depend on someone, we need to make some decisions by ourselves, work by ourselves....Now i have a job already and i'm not depending on my mother anymore, i have my own income, and i am looking forward to help my mother have her own business so that we won't be tired anymore of going to her work everyday....


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