Monday, June 2, 2008

Dreams...Do they come true?

Pictured above is Linda,one of my dreams that did come true,long ago.
I am dropped off at the start of The Appalachian Trail,I am now alone.
I have my backpack on,I think I am prepared for the trip.
Walking alone,glad for the good weather,wondering how my family is.
The plan is to do 14 to 20 miles a day.Apparently in this dream I can walk.
I have not thought about going all the way to Maine,I just want to go as far as I can.The Smoky Mountains couldn't be to far.
People are met along the way,day hikers,people who are going all the way through.Candy bars are shared.
Stories of our homes are shared too.Turning in early as most people do,I wake up early,this is ok with me.
Alone again for many days I begin to wonder if I have missed the trail. a sign somewhere.
I am now obsessed with thoughts of my family.Where am I?
Everything looks the same now,the trees,the little rivers,the small hills.
Maybe there has been weeks that have gone by,maybe a few days.No signs,no shelters,no people.
Slow is the way now,time is gone away.
My food is holding out,but only 4 days left then I don't know what I will do.
Thoughts of the family again,the kids,the grandkids.
I have never been lost in my life,I always knew exaclty where I was,and how to get home.
Dreams are not made for us to undersatnd.Maybe it is some chemical imbalance that causes us to dream.
The joy of my life of course is Linda,where she is I don't know but I know she is worried sick.We commiunicate in life,but in dreams not so much.
Off in the distance I see 4 men,all hiking and calling,calling Peter.
Well my first name is Peter but why would Rob,Kevin,Mark and Joel be calling for Peter?
I am holding still,not trusting my eyes,not trusting these 4.
They are my sons,I shout out I am here! I am ok!
They called Peter because thats what Jesus told them to call.I am still trying to figure that out.
Great rejoicing follows.Happiness is once again mine.
All my life I wanted to kike the trail,I have been on it in a few states.
Someday maybe this dream will come true,parts of it anyway.

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