Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Questions and Answers About Life

If I have 10 web pages open,and I open 5 more,does my monitor weigh more?

If gas is now over 4 bucks a gallon,how long until it goes back down to $1.20,which I think is a fair price?

When business is slow,why do I have to think so hard about going fishing?

Why do some people in my house carry the remote control thing to other parts of the house? Why don't they have little beepers on em?

Centipedes love my bathtub.They really do.
Centipedes are my enemy,they hate me and I hate them.
They can poison your dog if your dog eats them.(True).
Many times they are in a hurry,but they can't make it up the side of a bathtub.
They come in different sizes.
I would not use them for bait,no not ever.
I wonder if my wife thinks I am a hero when I rinse them down the drain.
The tub needs to be sterilized after a hunt.
The best way to kill them is use a lot of water.

Sleeping is something that eludes me.I often end up sleeping on the couch.
Norma Jean and Robin will follow me where ever I sleep.
Ivy sleeps in her crate and won't come out because she is too tired.
I love my dogs.

How long has it been since you talked with Jesus all night?

When prayers are answered right away,isn't that something you want to tell your friends about right away?

When prayers are not answered right away,do you feel less spiritual?

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