Friday, June 20, 2008

Chicago Illinois -You Confuse Me

27 kids killed so far this year.
School kids,killing,shooting,wounding each other.
Will this stop?
Is there an answer?
Guns are easy to get,tempers flare.
Drugs are abundant.
Drugs change you.
Government policies have failed and will always fail.
I hate you Chicago.

Drive Lake Shore Drive,look at the lake.
Go to the zoo with your kids.
Go to Navy Pier.
Stay at a fancy hotel during the week,walk around downtown.
Drive the Dan Ryan north and be downtown in 30 minutes.
Fish at the lake front with friends.
Say hi to a nice cop,he says enjoy the day,it is perfect.
Look at the history of the city,from Pullman, Roseland and all the old ethnic neighborhoods.
Sometimes I really like you Chicago.

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