Thursday, May 29, 2008

USS Juneau and The Five Sullivans

I recently sold a book to a high ranking crew memeber of the USS Juneau.
After confirming the sale and a few emails back and forth,we delveloped a friendship which I treasure.
I cannot mention his name nor his rank,nor do I know where the ship is at this time.
I can say this,post Memorial Day,2008,my friends on the Juneau I thank you.This is from an American living in the midwest who has only seen the oceans from ashore but whos has had dreams of sailing all his life.
I admire you,crew of The USS Juneau,and I salute you.
When I first got the notice of a book going to the Juneau I was reminded of the history of this name,the history and legacy that the name carries.
On the evening of November 12th,1942 the Juneau was struck by a Japanese torpedo.
Serving on the ship were The 5 Sullivan brothers.
All the brothers were killed that night,a night that lives on in the memories of the family and friends.
Friends,that night lives on in my heart too,I won't forget your sacrifice for as long as I live.
Below is the story of the Five Sullivans.
Take the time to read it and honor those who have gone on before.

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