Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For My Maddie

Dearest Maddie,
I heard that you were baptized recently.
My health has been a bit on the down side so I could not see it.
A few things I wanted to say to you,and writing them last lasts longer than me telling you in person.
Baptism is truly a wonderful thing,it is one of the things Jesus said to do.
I was baptized when I was a baby and obviously have no memory of it.My parents meant well and for them it was a form of dedicating my life to God.
When I was about 35 or so I was baptized again.How well I remember it.
You have made a wise decision,this is something you will remember for the rest of your life.
When tempted by life's bad things you can bring your baptism to mind and say to your self,I am baptized,I followed the Lord Jesus by doing what He asked.I am His and nothing can change that.I have the Lord Jesus living in my heart and I have no use for evil.
My dear granddaughter,this shows a great maturity in your life,it shows how your life in Jesus has grown.You have touched me in a great way and reminded me of my own commitment to Jesus.
How often I have prayed for you,how often you are in my thoughts.
You are continuing the legacy of our ancestors who also loved and lived for the Lord Jesus.
May you grow always in Jesus,and I know He will always be with you,like He is with me.
You have made me very happy and very proud.
Your papa loves you very much.


Pam said...

What a sweet Papa you are! Maddie will treasure this as she grows up, and it touched my heart that you wrote it to her.

May the Lord hold you close to His heart this day and remind you once again of His everlasting love for you.

Brenda Marquis said...

What a blessing for Maddie to have such a great christian papa. I live in Chicago now,
but was back in the Granger area to visit the weekend of Maddie's Baptism. My daughter is in the background of your posted photo. Watching Rob talking to her and then dunk her and grab her up into his arms afterward was incredible!!! So sorry you couldn't be there. The Holy Spirit was so present in that place that the experience left a mark on all witnesses. I believe God has very special plans for his child Maddie.