Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I have written about losing a pet before.
Now once again we are losing another Golden Retriever, Norma Jean.
A most loyal and loving companion.
She can longer eat.We thought maybe it was just a passing virus,but this time it is serious.
It is time for me to make a decision.I don't think I am brave enough.
I hope she goes peacefully in her sleep,very soon.


Brother Bud said...

Brother Mike, I am really at a loss of words when it comes to what to say when a pet is not doing well. I have gone thru that a few times and it is so hard. When our dogs were on their last days I said I don't want to go thru that again but now we have two cats and will probably go thru that situation again.
All I can say is that you can remember all the happiness Norma Jean brought you guys and for all things there is a Season.
Take care Brother

Anonymous said...

:( That is too sad. I am sorry Norma is so sick. That's the worst thing in the world.