Friday, February 1, 2008

More Things I Have Learned

Time is deceptive,does it go fast or slow?

Any flat surface will accumulate junk.

I learned all about diabetic socks in the last weeks,how thrilling!

People say that there is a special place in hell for those vile offenders,I think hell is hell,eternal separation from God.

I ignore garbage cans that are full in the house,I think this is a major fault of mine.

You can read your mate pretty well after 36 years,but not always.

I feel better when I can stay busy,laying around is hard.I hope I never have to retire completely.

It is most enjoyable to get lost in a book,but this is a rare thing.

My dogs are my friends,even after you yell at them,they forget quickly.There is a lesson there.

Encyclopedias are now obsolete,how sad.Those of you who are old enough remember looking things up in a book,life goes on.Google is now our new friend.

Sledding with kids is outstanding.

Hoping dreams come true is not a bad thing,keep dreaming of the impossible.How can we live without dreams?

I have a facination with sailing ships of the 1800's.These sailors were incredibly brave souls.

You can read peoples blogs and see more than what is on your screen.

Testing your blood sugar daily is like waiting for an A on a test.I am scoring C's and B's.

Everything we buy is now or will soon be imported from China.

I am almost never depressed because of my pain.

Hoping against all hope is something I don't hear to much.I used to.

Baseball continues to insult Ron Santo by not having him in the hall of fame.

Reminded recently-I only had one daughter and my son in law Rob asked permission to marry her.This was an honorable thing Rob.Probably not done much in todays world.

I like watching House on tv,but I sure don't know what they are talking about.

Being loved by family is such a blessing,they never mention faults.

more to come


Brother Bud said...

Mike, Very well done. I like your insights on things. It's obvious that you got the brains in our family. I was stuck with the good looks. This usually happens in a family of three boys. The middle one is the best looking.

Michelle Wegner said...

You should write a book. I am not kidding.
You've got a real gift for writing.