Sunday, February 10, 2008

People I Miss

People I miss,in no paticular order.

Harry Chapin,a great American poet,singer songwriter.

Jim Croce,another great American poet,singer songwriter.

John Candy who always made us smile.

Ronald Regan,in my veiw the best president we ever had,next to Lincoln.

Ted Knight,comedian.

Andy Kaufamn.

My parents,obviously.

C.S.Lewis,if he lived longer what would he have written.

Pastor Brown,the best Bible and doctrine teacher I ever had.

Manny Feiten,a girl from grade 6,taken way too soon.But I understand God wanted her home.

Dorian Gray,his real name.My mom and dad had him as a foster kid.What ever happened?

Barney Fife.

Steve Allen.

Gramps.He was a huge influence on my life.

Jeanette Baily,another person who is now with Jesus and is dancing most all the time.

There are many more who have gone on before,people I loved,people who had major influences on me.
The best part is I will see them again,Jesus still saves.

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Brother Bud said...

Hi Mike, Great thoughts as usual. Am I missing something on Dorian Gray? I remember a foster child named Jimmy but no Dorian. When I asked Dad what Jimmy's last name was he told me it was Foster. I always thought it was strange that all foster kids had the last name of Foster.