Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dad, It Didn't Hurt At All

A long long time ago my oldest Son Kevin fell and broke his arm.
I knew it was broken right away,it makes a sound that you don't soon forget.
He had fallen off a babys crib that he was standing on.Just playing with the other kids.
He landed on his back,his arm bent backwards.It was very hard to look at.
How many dads get that sick feeling when something bad happens to one of thier own?
The sick feeling of being helpless,how well I remember that.
I knew Kevin needed medical attention right away and I knew I would have to move his arm so I could pick him up.
A prayer said quickly,"Dear Lord Jesus help me now,You see what has happened here"?
I look at Kevin and told him,Kev,I need to move your arm,he simply said ok dad.
I picked up his arm as gently as I could,he said,Dad,that didn't hurt at all.
We knew then Jesus had heard us.
All these years later I still remember those words.
Dad,it didn't hurt at all.
Thank You Jesus.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea how old I was, but I remember this so clearly. I don't even think he cried. I remember seeing it happen, and then seeing him laying there, then a whole bunch of chaos around me.

Brother Bud said...

Hi Mike, I guess my memory is really failing. I don't remember when what's his name broke his arm. I'm sure Mom was frantic. As I get older I forget more recent things but as we talked about earlier I remember vividly the day you broke your leg. It's funny how the memory works as you well know.