Thursday, February 7, 2008

More Things I Have Learned or Wondered About

I miss Three Musketeers candy bars.

The smile on Alistairs face after giving him a toy drum was priceless.

Does it seem to you that David Letterman has to many inside jokes? Or maybe they just go over my head,I don't know.

I want to know very little about actors,why do they feel the need to let us all know what they believe?

You can not be shallow in a relationship with God.

I am still hoping to visit Austraila and New Zeeland,what amazing places.

The Prime Minister of Austrailia once went for a swim off the coast and was never seen again.

The first pendulum was invented by Christian Huygans,a Dutch guy.Without this invention we would always be late.

When God designed the universe why did he make so large we can not comprehend it all?

One thing I have come to realize and admire about my dad was the stabilty he had in his Christian faith. I am striving for this kind of stability and have been my whole life.

People need hugs and real affection,a handshake sometimes is not enough.I raised my family this way and it is a real thrill to get a hug just because I am me.

My new digital camera is so advanced it will take me years to understand it.It is really amazing though.

My son in law Rob will never get any kind of honor by sitting in my recliner with my remote control.

A cup of cocoa late at night is a simple pleasure that is mine.

If you pray in faith,sometimes the answer you want is no.I am praying for healing of the nerve damage I have.

When a tree falls on you and smashes you to peices,God is there always.

When the tree did fall on me,the first thing Linda did was pray.This I will always remember.My first thoughts were of Christopher Reeve who had just been paralized.

Belle and me like Superman movies.

Jesus never came to America.Silly Mormans.

I get into dozens of peoples houses every week,some poor people some rich.Happiness is something I look for in both.I have found it to be about equal.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for,the evidence of things not seen.Someday I hope to understand that.

The culture of China is not easily understood.

Japan is a almost God-less country with less than 5 per cent Chistian.

To help you along in your quest for real peace,read what God has said.

It is almost midnite and it is time to try to rest.
More later.

Oh one more thing,my spell check still does not work,forgive the errors.

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