Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Michelle And Her Broken Arm

Michelle was in second grade,about 7 or 8 years old.

I went to vist my father who was in the hospital,recovering from another heart attack.
I rememeber he could not communicate very well but he asked me,how is Michelle?
There was no clue as to what he was talking about,maybe it was just drugs talking.
He asked again,I just said dad what do you mean?
"She is downstairs and has been admitted for a servere injury."
Of course I went white as a sheet,ran downstairs to the second floor to find out what was going on.
I found my daughter in a room with mom,a few nurses and a doctor.
I was told she was pushed off some playground equipment and landed on her arm.
The doctor decided he need to manipulate the arm before he could put it in a cast.
My heart was racing and I was ready to punch this doctor,but I assumed he knew what he was doing.
When one of your own is hurt,don't you have that feeling of helplessness?I know I was about to panic.
The doctor felt her elbow and pushed the arm back together.God,must have been holding me up because I did not totaly freak out.

The injury was severe,she spent about 10 days in the hospital,so I had 2 people to visit daily.I dislike hospitals a lot.
It was a mean little kid who did this to my Michelle.Linda and I decided not to say anything or do anything about it.I had terrible insurance at the time and the bills were stunningly high.
We paid the bills,Michelle recovered,but to this day she can bend that arm in a very weird way.To this day,the little boys parents have never spoken to us,they made it awkward,oh well,thier problem.
At this time we had all 4 kids in a local Christian school(where the injury happened),the tution was about $4,000,much more than I had after all the bills.
My wife wrote to the school and expalined we had no money to send our 4 kids there.
We were resigned to sending the kids to the local public school.
Just before school started I got a call from a board member of the school.
He told me this,"Mike,some person has paid the tuition,in full for the year."
I was stunned and I still am so greatfull.
The person who paid the bill did not want to be known.
I always wonder about this person,who was it?
The lesson I learned in all this was Jesus was there,even when I was not paying attention to Him.
And,Jesus paid it ALL,didn't He.

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