Monday, February 4, 2008

Even More Things I Have Learned or Not

I wonder if the title here is getting used up.

The Bible says Let the sick call upon the elders of the church for healing(Mikes Translation).Who has this kind of faith? The desperate?

I have leaned to keep my mouth shut,for the most part.

I have learned how to put Alistair to sleep in my arms,for the most part.This is a really great pleasure.

Tuna cassarole with potato chips on top is one of my favorite meals.

I never learned to throw old and useless clock parts away.

Sugar free maple syrup tastes just like the real thing.

I never learned to paint a living room very well.I can still see all those faults.

Just tell her you love her now and then,it does a world of good.

Always,always thank her for meals she has made.This is a good rule to live by.

I once visited the grave of my grandfather John,I was so suprised to see his Effie there,laying next to him.I was not thinking I suppose.Where else would she be?

I am terrible at computer stuff,but somehow manage to make a small living off it.

I learned that when Abbey smiles at you,she smiles with her whole being.

I never was much of a public prayer.Silent is ok with me.

I miss the old days when my kids were small,but today is working out pretty well.

Dogs remind you when it is time for them to eat.

I have learned God is involved in choosing political leaders.I have some questions though.

If you click on the icon above that says "Next Blog" you will find some pretty cool people.You will also find nuts.

I always have had the faith that God will sustain me through my work.This faith came by prayers said long ago.

Your mom wants you to call more often,just to say hi.

Watching clocks in school was worse than having no clocks.

Judging waiters and waitresses is a thing I do.Applebys has good food but my oh my where do they get the dissapearing help?

French onion soup is good for your body and soul.If you order it at Applebys,order before you say anything else.In fact,order it as you walk in the door.

Dinners ready----more to come

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