Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Things I Like About Life

Things I Like About Life
In no paticular order.

My son,Rob.


Old dogs.

Slippers,now that I seem to need em.Where are they anyway?

Cake and cupcakes,Linda has learned to make them sugar free.We just ran out so don't come over.

Emails from my brother Bud.

My 3 Golden Retreivers,Ivy being the latest,she is 6 months old now and has turned into a very sweet dog.

Naps in the afternoon.

Selling really rare books.It is not just the money,it's the pleasure of knowing the book was wanted by someone.

Working,I still love my work,for the most part.To know I am needed is a nice reward.


Myth Busters,for the most part.

Tennesee,I think this is where my heart is.The mountains are always stunning to me.


Heartfelt smiles.

Unasked for hugs from Whitney.

Flight Simulator,this is really cool.Learning to fly all kinds of aircraft with a pick of 24,000 airports.Amazing!

Getting lost in a book and not caring about time.

Not having a mortgage or car payment.

Laughing at myself,being so carefull on the ice.When did I get old?

Traditional church services,modern praise type services.

I admire people who dye thier hair orange.

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