Thursday, February 7, 2008

Things I Wonder About

Where do chicken nuggets really come from.

Why does the History Channel have programs about UFO Files?

Why has every church I ever was a member of split?

There are no crows where I live,there used to be dozens that flew around every morning.

Why shoot your gun in the air on New Years and July Fourth? This really makes you an idiot.

Why do I stop and listen for train horns and whistles when I am home late at night?

Why do people open buisnesess when I can predict failure by the name,product or service provided?

Why would you go out just for a minute if you have an appointment for someone to come to your house between 11 AM and 1 PM?

Why would Jesus say the thing He did about having faith as much as a mustard seed?

Why does my spell check fail to really check spelling?

If time is so valueable why do I anticipate taking a nap everyday?

Why do people stay with banks that charge a teller fee?

Why does my tool box seem to get heavier every single day?

Why do people ask why do you walk with a cane?

more to come...I wonder about a lot of stuff.

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