Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things I Have Learned

The Bible is its own best commentary.

Family matters,most.

The Stand by Stephen King is probably the best novel I have ever read.A tale of dark Christianity.

Nothing is more optimistic than a seed catalog.

I should also say drug companys ads.

What I feared when I was young is no longer viable.

Things I fear now are viable,but probably silly.

Grandkids are a real joy.Something deep within grandparents is instilled by God,this love,this longing for a good life for them.

Freinds abandon you when you are down.

I hated posting that.

Be truthfull in business,if you can't do something don't say that you can.

Respect pastors,even if you disagree with them.

Photography is a wonderfull hobby.Pictures capture moments in time that go by so fast.

People who read my posts seldom comment,I wish they would.

Growing up in Roseland,Chicago,helped form who I am today.What a mix of people.

Music is a freind,sometimes long lost but comes back.

Freinds of my kids have become like family,Eric and Christy I love you guys.

Football is fun,but now it is overdone to the point of just being stupid.

People who use the F word are never taken seriouisly.

People who use the N word are disgusting.

Sleep is a strange thing,I guess I don't need as much as I thought.

Most movies leave me to wonder why were they were made in the first place.Is it just some major tax write off?

The sky is so much bigger in Canada.

The Canadian Rockies overwhelmed me.I have never seen such beauty.

more to come

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Rob said...

This is my all time favorite post of yours! Hard fought wisdom there...

You forgot one..
"Build a shrine to your son in law and honor him with the use of your recliner and remote control."