Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Molly My Golden Retreiver

About 12 years ago,my wife Linda surprised me with a puppy,a Golden Retriever.
The moment I walked in the door and saw her,there was a connection.
I was so happy to have her,train her,play with her and just enjoy being with her.
We took her to the lake and watched her swim after sticks,we watched her love the new babies that were coming around.
I always disliked leaving her when we went on vacations,yes I had it bad for the ol dog.
Time went on,more babies came,more life lived to the fullest.
Our yard was always squirrel safe,she hated squirrels more than anything.
She would come and stare at me if it got to be past 5:30,that was feeding time.I dare not forget,she would not let me.
She had a way of communicating with me,just her looks at me would let me know what she wanted.She had a cookie look that I could not resist,her wanting a treat,or to go out,she could let me know.
Middle age came and went for us both.We enjoyed life a lot.
Old age came to us suddenly,she slowed down,I did too.
She would go out and just sit,stare off into the sky and I could feel it was coming.So did she.
She always slept near me on my side of the bed,she had her own rug she loved to sleep on,I always chasing the other dogs off,it was her property.
I knew the end was coming,she was the same but yet we both knew..
When she died I was very sad,for a long time.Now I miss her a lot.She really was a Friend to me.
I suppose this is a common story among dog lovers,but I wanted Molly to be remembered here.I love ya girl.

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Anonymous said...

Somehow, I just happened upon your site and was interested enough to read some. I'll be 76 in February and have two labs. I felt a similarity between us and just though I'd say Hi and give you my best wishes.
Chuck (Dixon, IL raised in Chicago).