Friday, December 28, 2007

When Old People Get Together

Did you ever notice that when older people get together they seem to like to talk about their health?
So....I find myself talking about my health,then looking for symptoms!
Well I have a few health issues but my life goes on and I hope I never become a bore!
This past week I was with some really nice older folks but what a chore it was to talk about my weight loss,my diabetes,COPD,arthritis and so on.I find it gets old quick.Then you get to hear about all their health issues...UGH!
So when you get together with older folks,humour us,but talk about anything but health.
Life is diverse,lets chat about anything else!


Brother Bud said...

Dear Mike, I am old. I was sick once. That's all I want to say about my health.

Brother Bud

Reflections On Life said...

Brother Bud is nut!