Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jeanette Baily and Multiple Sclerosis

A long time ago I had a care group which I enjoyed very much.I did care about the people in my group and they cared about me.It was a time of much spiritual growth for me.
I heard about a new couple in church who had expressed an interest in joining a care group.
I went to see them and Jeanette opened the door,I invited her and her husband to a Thursday night meeting at my home.
Jeanette and Garland had met in a bar on the south side of Chicago.Through God's grace they found Christ and were living a real Christian life.
Jeanette had been diagnosed with MS a few years before.
She was using a cane and was forced to resign her position at a local bank.
My wife and I were touched by Jeanette and her love for Jesus,she amazed us with her strong testimony.
We prayed at our little care group for her,and we prayed for healing.
To our dismay she had more attacks and went from a wheelchair to being totally bedridden.
In June of 1996 I was in an accident which put me flat on my back for about a year.
You know who called me when I got so depressed? Well you know who.
She called regularly and counselled me in the way of the Lord.
When I was losing my business,when I was just to drugged up to care she called.She just said this is not going to be easy.Trust in God,belive in what you have taught the group.
Man,she just kept pushing me.What a joy she was.Remember she was now bedridden.
This Jeanette was showing her love for Jesus and doing what she could for her friend.
She got worse in the next few years,losing her ability to speak,to read and even move her hands.
She loved when Linda and I would bring her chocolates and read her favorite Bible passages to her.
God took Jeanette home after she her body just gave out.
I miss you my friend,big time.
I will see you soon.
Soon and Very Soon,we are going to see the King.

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