Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cruise Night in Roseland

Growing up in Roseland,on the far south side of Chicago.
Cruise night was every night of the week all through my high school years.
The idea was to take your car to Michigan Avenue and drive up and down and simply show off your car.
The best times were had when the streets were packed with your friends.We sure did add a lot of congestion.
It was all in fun,there were no bad intentions,just a social thing we all liked very much.
We would start anywhere,normally at about 107 th street and go south to about 119th street.Then turn around and do it again.About 20 times.
Showing off your car,waving,honking at your friends as they went by on the opposite side of the street,this was being cool.
Some of our cars were very fast,some were just amazing muscle cars of the 1960's.
Mine were a 59 Chevy Impala with a 409.A 1966 Grand Prix 3 speed on the floor with a 389.A 1968 Impala with a 427,385 horsepower from the factory.It also had a cam.
I omitted a few of the dogs.
When it got to be late and time to eat we would head over to The Pit on 127th street which was the coolest drive in ever.All our friends would be there and we just hung out till it was late.
The next day we would do it all over again.

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