Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Growing Up In Roseland Chicago Far South Side Part 4

More thoughts from Roseland.
My brother Bud sending to me to the Corner Store at 104th and Wentworth.
He sent me to buy a paper,of course when I got home he said it was the wrong one.
I went back,traded it for a Trib,which was missing sections.He sent me back once more.
No wonder I cant visit malls today!
Mrs.Stein telling me chocolate milk comes from brown cows.Ok I was 6.
A block behind me was Billy "The Fat Kid".We all lived in terror because of his mean nature.He chased us on our bikes and scared us to death.Later me and Billy became good friends.He was just a lonely kid,my friends and I were mean to him and that was just dumb.
Paying off some guy to buy us beer when we were underage.Drinking a quart of beer on the tracks when it was 20 degrees out.Being frozen and drinking Bud when you're 16,there is nothing like it.
Watching the construction of the new chimney at the pumping station down the street.I could see it from my bedroom window.I look for it every time I drive on the Dan Ryan expressway.Then I know where I lived.
Hearing of suicides on the tracks where I walked to high school,that always made me feel weird.
My dad buying a color TV,how excited we were,it was a miracle.
My mom buying my dad a Electric Lawn Mower,how he hated that thing!
My mom was deaf in one ear and the other ear always gave her trouble.My dad and I would mumble on purpose and laugh our butts off.Mom was good natured about it so it was an ok thing.
more to come

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Hank said...

Who is this brother Bud you refer to? He sounds like a wonderful brother to trust you to go to the store for him. You had to cross the very busy Wentworth Ave. so he must of had so much confidence in you. He sounds like a winner to me.

Henry Lanting