Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Precious Memories and My Brother Bud

When I was very young and quite innocent I was showing off on my bike.
My aunt and uncle had just arrived at our house and I thought they would enjoy seeing me go very fast.
I took off from a dead stop,peddled as fast as my legs would go.
I went past the Ooms house,the Dr Roos',the Slagers,and onto a gravel driveway.At the gravel driveway I turned,lost all control and skidded to a dead stop onto a curb.
I knew immediately I had broken my leg.I was pretty vocal about the pain,the some neighbors even looked out their front door to see what all the noise was about.
Suddenly my much older brother Bud arrived to get me up and back home.
Bud obviously was a faith healer because he told me to Stand Up And Walk!
After a few attempts at walking I could see his Faith Healing Message was as valid as a TV evangelist.I forgave my brother right away,after all,if you can't forgive your family for their lack of faith who can you forgive?
The rest of the day is somewhat vauge in my memory,I do remember I was in a cast for 12 weeks and that kinda spoiled my summer activities.
My poor life was never the same.I still love my brother and I hope he knows I have forgiven him 100 per cent.Even though I seldom think about this pain full event of my childhood.
Bud,you are the greatest.

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Michelle Wegner said...

All I want for Christmas is earings like her!