Sunday, December 2, 2007

Letters I Have Written Or Should Have

Dear Mr C.S Lewis,
Thank you sir,your books have changed my life.
Dear President Lincoln,
I do wish you would have lived a bit longer.
Did you know John Wilkes Booth's last words were ''useless"?
Dear Rev.Billy Graham,
Well done sir,your reward will certainly be great!
I went to see you in 1964,I did not believe then but you helped me find my way.
Dear President Bush,
What is the point of this war again?
Dear Gettysburg National Park Guides,
You men and women are stunning.Thank You.
Dear Customers of Mine,
Thank you for your loyalty after all these years.You are the best.
Dear Family,
God loves you so much,and so do I.
(more to come)

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Michelle Wegner said...

Funny, I was just explaining to the girls yesterday about who killed President Lincoln. I didn't know about his last words. They will find that interesting, I'm sure!