Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Story of a Painful Life

My daughter wrote a post about Amy Carmichael.I strongly encourage you to read it here....
My own pain has been unbearable lately,it is why I have not posted much.
This post by my Michelle really helps put it all into perspective.
I remember my dad who lived for 9 long years with pain that was also unbearable.His groanings were understood by the Holy Spirit.
I won't bore anyone with details,but all prayers are certainly welcome.
Pray for Michelle.she is a mom of 3 little ones and needs strength to live.
I don't know why life is so hard right now,I only know I trust Him and I have that Blessed Hope.

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Brother Bud said...

Keep the Faith Brother. I too remember how Dad suffered. At that time we didn't talk about it to much. I'm reminded now about the movie that was on TV recently. "For One More Day". What would I do if I could spend one more day with Mom and Dad? We can be assured that we will see them again in Heaven if we keep the Faith that they taught us.