Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another Year Goes By-Random Thoughts

So,it is my birthday in a few hours.
Just yesterday I was 17 feeling like I had the world ahead to do whatever I wanted.
Married at 19,had 4 kids in five years,that turns you into a conservative fast.
Amazed at what happened as they grew,sad to see it all go by so fast.
Watched my kids get married and watched them as they found their dreams.
Found being a grandpa is now the most enjoyable thing ever.These grandkids astound me.
Missing my brothers a lot,wishing we could be close.
Time passes,happiness stays.
I do wonder what happens next and I wonder where my slippers are.
Health problems have arrived and sometimes it is hard to walk.Dreams stay about walking the Appalacian trail with my 4 sons.Maybe a weeks worth anyway.
Thoughts of those who have gone Home before me,I miss my mom and dad a lot,more as the years go by.
So another year comes and goes,and I thank God he is always with me.


Brother Bud said...

Happy Birthday Bro. I didn't forget. I actually signed on to thank you for the nice comments on the previous blog.
Call me sometime. My watch needs it's battery changed.

Brother Bud said...

I forgot to tell you that your inheritance should be arriving sometime this week. I'm going to Fannie Mae Candy to spend mine.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday uncle mike read your blog every couple days hope your health gats better tell everyone said hello nephew jon