Friday, January 11, 2008

Letters I Have Written Or Should Have Part 3

Dear Grandkids,
You know I pray for you all daily.
I wonder what the future will bring for you,will you all find your way?
Caleb being the last born,you could live a hundred years!I do hope you remember your papa's love.
Dear Mr Drew Carey,
Thanks for Who's Line Is it Anyway?
It is one of the few tv shows that makes us laugh.
Dear Michelle,
You probably don't remember,but I used to sneak into your bedroom and just watch you sleep.Countless times.
What father could love a daughter more than I love you?
Much Love,
Dear Linda,
Thank you for all the Patience you have with me.This latest thing that is happening to me is hard for both of us.Yet you are always there,my dearest best friend.
Dear Brother Bud,
You know you always make me smile?
Dear Andrew,Aaron and Sarah,
Please move to Illinois,I miss you all so much!
Love Papa
more to come

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