Thursday, January 17, 2008

And Yet Another Night With No Sleep

I have been up most of the night again.
I feel fortunate if I can sleep 2 hours in a row.
No caffeine after 6 PM,no food to speak of,I give up.
I just accept the fact that I will be up.You can't ignore the pain in your feet and legs,it never goes away.The tingling feeling is now in my fingers,not good for a clockmaker.Drugs suck.The side affects sometimes are worse than the disease.
Blood sugar levels sky-rocket,I think because I had some whipped cream in my sugarless cocoa.So now I will avoid whipped cream,heck it was such a small amount.

I read the news on the internet,listen to music,look at videos on You Tube.
Catching up on books I have started,but I find it hard to read at 4 AM.
Memories creep into my thoughts,and this helps me find peace.
Praying for my family,I am sure this is a good thing.
Thinking about 10 grand kids and now another is on the way.(woo hoo)!
Well,I see the sun is about to rise,I am going to try to rest a bit before this day begins,Good Night,Good Morning.

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