Saturday, November 24, 2007

Working With Your Spouse Full Time

My wife Linda and I have been working together for many years.Since 1974.
Many have asked how we do it.Here is a short explanation.We retired from our shop some years ago and now just work out of our house.
Our business is grandfather clock repair so we spend a lot of time in our little truck driving here and there.
I do most of the driving,she phones people to let them know we are on the way.I don't care for phone work much.
She also looks up addresses,it makes it much easier to have her navigate.
I do the repairs,she does the paperwork and billing.
She helps with a lot of the bending work because I have used up most of my bends.
We do enjoy each others company so that sure helps a lot!
Once we are home she checks the phones and returns calls,and then orders parts.
She tries to ignore calls after 5,and she just lets the machine record peoples calls.
In this business you can work all day and night but it takes to much of a toll.We enjoy our kickin back time to much.
Our other busness is selling books online for Amazon,Ebay,Alibris and a few others.
This means between service calls we scout for used books.
When we get home I list the books we have found,print orders and then we both pack the books for shipping the next day.
Scouting for books can be like a treasure hunt,it is lots of fun finding that special book that will sell for some nice money.
Scouting can also just be awful, sometimes there is nothing good to be found.
Our evenings are our own,we try not to work then.
We take time off,a day here and there just to mess around and do what we want.
We also love vacation time, we always spend more then what we planned,but we just don't care.
Life is good for us.I could not do much with out her ans she feels the same about me.
God has blessed us with a love for each other that gets better with each passing day.
Thank You Jesus.

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