Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Oreo Thief or How I learned to Forgive

A very long time ago as was my custom I fell asleep on my couch after church and a large meal cooked by my lovely wife.
A habit of mine was to indulge myself in a few Oreos before my nap.
As I began to slumber on that hot August day,I remembered I had 4 kids and I should hide the Oreos lest they eat them and get fat,lazy and eventually quit school and live in my basement forever.
I slid the Oreos under the couch safe in the knowledge I was a good father and I cared about my children so much.
It hard to confess a daughters crime,but again I do love her so here goes.
Michelle Dawn was caught red handed and the evidence was all over her face.
As the crime was being committed my wife quickly snapped a photo of said crime thereby preserving her sins virtually forever,Thank the Lord for Kodak.
She never really said she was sorry.I think she was 2,but that's really not an excuse is it?
It wasn't easy but after many years I did forgive her.I think it was 30 years until I was able to put it out of my mind forever.
I think she learned from all this,how a fathers love will always prevail over his justifiable OUTRAGE!
I should have been more careful with hiding the evidence,but you don't expect things like this in life.It really has made me a more understanding dad.
I love you Michelle Dawn.

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Michelle said...

hilarious. You need counseling.