Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For Linda

I wanted time to stand still for a moment.
We have our photographs,our memories,
'remember the first time we did this'?
I wonder what you think of
Now that we are a little older.
Our kids are gone our job is done
Now we come home to a house that is empty.
We live differently and see Jesus
moving our lives around.
Memories of all the blissful moments
I have spent with you surround me today.
Forgive my my many faults
and the pains I have caused you.
How thoughtless and foolish I have been.
I don't always know why you love me
I just know that you do.
These times have gone by so fast
so remarkably fast
and Lin we are so blessed with this wonderful family.
Now we look forward to Heaven
and you have been my little piece of it.
Sail On Silver Girl
I Love You

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