Monday, November 26, 2007

Daughter Michelle

My mom had three sons and I was the last.I always told her she ended with perfection.
My oldest brother Jack got married and had 3 sons.
My second brother Bud got married and had three sons.
I got married and had 2 son and then my Michelle was born.We had one more son after her.
When she was born I called my mom and told her the news,we had a girl in the family.
She had a hard time believing me after all the boys.
Michelle was the joy of our life,a pearl, a diamond in a world that just made coal.
It was a joy to have her under my care,watching her grow,her first day of school.
She amazed me,she sat on my lap and we read books and told stories.
She was no trouble.
She knows Jesus and knows Him well,that is really all that matters.
Michelle now has 3 little girls of her own and I watch as she raises them.
She married Rob,the man God had planned for her so long ago.
Michelle you are still the joy of my life.
Your papa loves you very much.

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Michelle Wegner said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad God gave me You and Mom as parents!