Friday, November 16, 2007

Old Friend

When I was 12 years old and in school (about 5th grade I think) I had a girl in my class named Manny.She also went to my church.She and her family immigrated from Holland,so her English wasn't great.
I felt so sorry for her because of her poor English.She had a hard time communicating.
Manny was blind and needed help moving her typewriter and portable desk from room to room.This was assigned to me for the most part.
Manny had fiery red hair so we laughed a bit about how we had that it common.She was very pretty and I think I was in love at 12.
I remember her smile mostly.
Well in 6th grade Manny got sick and died.I don't know the disease that killed her.
All the girls in my class went the the funeral,the boys were not allowed to go.I have no idea why..I have been reflecting on Manny Fietan my whole life.
I have a feeling I will see her again.Thank God


Michelle Wegner said...

lovely post. You will be world famous soon, I am sure!

Mark said...

So far, in these first three posts, you've detailed an excellent history of the Dutch Roseland and what it was like in the 50's. I hope you can continue to put your insomnia to this good cause! :)